Monday, March 28, 2011

Bitten by the bug...

Back in February I wrote about having "camera envy" while taking my photo class. I originally planned on waiting a bit, shopping around, and then eventually making my purchase of choice and buying my DSLR camera. Well, that didn't happen. A little less than a week later I took the plunge and purchased my Canon T1i DSLR, as well as a spare lens, and a little while after that I took the plunge on a telephoto lens that was on sale. Of course, my purchase wouldn't have been complete without a gorgeous Kelly Moore camera bag as well! It was a little daunting, I must admit, to receive my Visa bill last week with my purchases on it, but I don't regret it one bit.

I'm getting more used to the idea of taking my camera with me to my sister's place, to my parent's place, and quite honestly, sometimes I'm tempted to carry it with me more often! This is an addictive hobby though. Before I bought my camera I spent all my time searching prices and reviews on cameras, lenses, and camera bags. Now that I have the basic items in my grubby paws, I find I'm reading up on photography styles, techniques and of course looking at other people's gorgeous pictures whenever I have the opportunity! Between I Heart Faces, Two Peas in a Bucket, and other great photography sites the photography bug is getting a firmer and firmer hold on me! I have to remind myself though that I don't need every new toy, program or accessory that I see! I'm sure I will continue to invest in this addictive, but rewarding, hobby, but for now I'm just hoping to expand my skills and snap away!

A fun shot of Nik I snapped with my telephoto this weekend.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Heart Faces - Slice of Life

Alexa and her great-Opa -- a slice of Sunday supper life!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Heart Faces - People's Choice February

This is the first time I've entered a photo submission for I Heart Faces, but far from the first time I've thought about it! Now that I have my Canon Rebel T1i maybe I'll have the guts to enter again! This is a photo of my nephew - 3 years old with more personality than anyone knows what to do with. This photo show how in-your-face he can be, but I think there's also a level of his sweetness that comes through. I also love how you can see the crazy colours in his eyes.

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