Sunday, September 11, 2011

On this day...

On this day in 2001 I was a week shy of my 15th birthday. I was a couple of weeks into Grade 10. I thought I was starting to get things figured out. On this day in 2001 I stood next to my parents, watching live coverage of the first World Trade Tower burning. I stood with open mouth, in shock as I watched a second plane turn around and aim, then hit the second tower. With a heavy heart, I thought of the fallen. On this day in 2001 I saw teachers, visibly frightened, escort us into the gym to watch coverage of the days events. We prayed together, we prayed so hard. On this day in 2001 I realized that I had nothing figured out.

On this week in 2010 I visited New York City. I saw it's landmarks. I fell in love. On this week in 2010 I became part of the hustle and bustle of the streets of Manhattan. I witnessed, in awe, the number of people, daily on the streets of Manhattan and realized, like never before, the sheer magnitude of how many people must have been affected by the events of 9/11. On this week in 2010 I visited the former site of the World Trade Center. I witnessed, with joy, the rebuilding of the site and the strength and resolve of the people of New York City. I visited the preview site of the WTC memorial. Never before and never since have I been in a building of that size, with that many people that was that quiet. With a heavy heart, I remembered the fallen. On this week in 2010 I visited St. Paul's Chapel, an Episcopalian church across the street from the former World Trade Center that did not even suffer a broken window. I prayed, I prayed so hard.

On this day in 2011 I look back with awe on the events of 10 years ago. I watch television coverage of memorials, not only in New York, but in Virginia and Pennsylvania, Washington and all across the world. On this day in 2011 I look with pride at the small Canadian town of Gander Newfoundland which gained so much notoriety for their amazing acts of hospitality for the thousands of displaced travelers. With a heavy heart I remember the fallen.

And I pray, I pray so hard.
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